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USDA Wildlife Services - Virginia and Maryland
US Fish and Wildlife Service
Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources
Maryland Department of Natural Resources
Conservation Management Institute at Virginia Tech

Nutria Eradication

The Chesapeake Bay Nutria Eradication Project was launched in 2002 to remove invasive nutria from Video: Maryland and other areas like the Delmarva Peninsula. This multi-agency effort declared success in 2022, and efforts are now focused on removing nutria from the Virginia portions of the Bay. 

You can learn more about the original nutria eradication efforts by following the links below:

Decades-long Partnership Eradicates Destructive Nutria Rodents from Maryland (2022)

USDA and Partners Work to Eliminate Invasive Nutria From Maryland’s Eastern Shore (2018)

Video: From the Field: Eradicating nutria from Chesapeake Bay marshes (2012)

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